Made with organic oregano, parsley, acidified garlic, olive oil, vinegar, red pepper, water and salt.  Fresh, organic ingredients are imperative, and it starts with the local Farmer's Market for the freshest, most flavorful 100% organic herbs for the highest quality Chimi possible.


Made with organic oregano, parsley, cilantro, acidified garlic, olive oil, vinegar, red pepper, water and salt.


Made with organic oregano, parsley, mint, acidified garlic, olive oil, vinegar, red pepper, water and salt.


Made with organic oregano, parsley, basil, acidified garlic, olive oil, vinegar, red pepper, water and salt.

Organic herbs for traditional chimichurri

Uses & Varieties

The flavors in each varietal are dependent upon the freshness of the ingredients, as well as the care and patience in the preparation. The herbs must be chopped to the perfect size in order to create an explosion of flavor with every bite that will keep you coming back for more! In fact, I’m salivating right now just thinking about this Chimi! And since one Chimi does not fit all, we have taken the liberty to create a few different versions of this recipe. And because variety truly is THE SPICE OF LIFE! You may enjoy this Chimi on a great variety of foods from steak, chicken, or pork...
To eggs, fish, oysters, or bread ... and so much more! If you enjoy mint with your lamb, try our MintiChurri
If you are having tacos for dinner, our CiliChurri will add the cilantro.
And a spoonful of BasilChurri makes any pasta ready to dive into!

Gigi's Chimi

Where to Buy

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The History of Chimichurri

There are many different stories about the origin of Chimi, but this family favorite rings true ...
Legend has it that when the British were building the railroad in Argentina, the British workers, asking “give me curry” (later coined “chimichurri”) were given an alternative concoction of herbs, oil and vinegar, that was typically served with grilled meats. Growing up in Argentina there were as many different Chimi recipes as there were cooks. And in a country where every house has frequent gatherings around the barbeque, as well as countless restaurants that serve diverse selections of meat, Chimi became a fast favorite in our culture.

Gigi Ronchietto of Gigi's Chimi

My Story

Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina by my Argentinian Mother and Italian Father, I was greatly influenced by the traditions of our culture. But little did I know that the culinary arts of our culture would prove to be the most influential. In my youth, after attending three years of architectural school , a shift to art school led me to my love of ceramics, ultimately landing in a ceramic studio in my hometown for a few years before emigrating to the United States in 1978. I worked in the computer industry in Santa Barbara for well over a decade to support my family. I didn’t know at the time, but many of the brilliant minds with whom I worked back then turned out to be some of the heroic leaders who created and developed the internet as we know it today!! My next adventure was an antique restoration business, restoring furniture, sculptures, paintings and more which eventually evolved into “Ronchietto” … a successful Santa Barbara woodworking business that specialized in design, crafted, and created antique reproduction pieces for many private homes and hospitality clients in Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez for nearly 25 years. Since retirement does not suit me, I have reignited my passion for the culinary arts! Cooking has become a form of meditation for me and this new venture at this stage of my life has sparked a whole new chapter!

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